bookmark_borderVServer and secret limits

As already stated this site is hosted on my first own VServer. And of course there was a simple yet nasty problem I have stumbled across: a process number limitation.


I do not really have the need for a lot of CPUs or GBs of memory. For the beginning I just wanted to setup a few simple web pages, a reverse proxy, a tiny CS:GO server – for me and few friends – and so on. A lot of it was planned to be dockerized because I made some quite good experiences on my local NAS, a HP N54L.

I decided to go for a V10 Linux VServer from, a well known german hoster, with the following specs:

  • 4 CPUs
  • 8 GB RAM guaranteed
  • 100 GB SSD

Problem and symptoms

In the process of launching one after another at some point the containers and the applications inside started crashing. The logs didn’t really make any sense to me. And on top even starting commands on bash didn’t work properly. I just got a pretty random error message, at least it seemed so:

user@vserver:~$ echo "WHAT??"
-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory

After getting over the thought that the message was random I found some similar problems in the web and also a solution on Indeed it took me a few hours until I found out that Strato is limiting the number of allowed running processes via their virtualization software.

In my case the following command brought light to what was hidden:

user@vserver:~$ sudo cat /proc/user_beancounters

You can clearly see that the parameter key „numproc“ has set a barrier. In the case below it is set to 1100 on the meanwhile upgraded VServer.

As far as I understood this proc file is a property of Virtuozzo and might only be a hint on systems virtualized by it.


After contacting Strato and asking for the „numproc“ barriers on each of their products I got these numbers:

  • V10 -> 400
  • V30 -> 700
  • V40 -> 1100
  • V60 -> 1100
  • V80 -> 1300

The solution was an upgrade to a VServer fitting my needs. The prices from Strato and an unlimited amount of data transfer are still pretty good arguments.


As everyone is writing conclusions here is mine:

Do your research before thowing money down the drain. 🙂

bookmark_borderHello world!

After getting my first own VServer from Strato I decided on a whim to create this blog. Who knows if it will be one of those where you can find euphoric first five posts before it vanishes in irrelevance. Or if there will really be interesting posts about my journey fought alongside my bits and bytes.

For the potential non-german visitor of this blog: „Planlos“ as in the domain name literally means „without a plan“ but in my case I also like the translation aimless.

I got the domain several years ago when I decided to leave a free mail hoster and had no idea what domain would be the right choice – I was „planlos“.